The #CondomChallenge Is Now A ThingaEUR |

In the olden days a challenge used to mean something like climbing a mountain, or going a maths GCSE. Luckily, we now have the internet, and any objection- which must be live tweeted or snapchatted- has words like cinnamon, sparkler container or diet coke and mentos in front of it.

Well get your rubbers at the ready, because the #CondomChallenge has just grow the latest noun to add to the challenges register, and Twitter is starting wild over it.

This year’s challenge- not to be confused with the 2013 “snort-a-condom-up-your-nostrils” fiasco- commits filling a condom full of ocean, going your copulate to sit in the shower and then stopping it perfectly onto their head.

This person looks like he was born to do this … This chick, however, clearly wasn’t : But she got there in the end … That must have stinged . These people are intent on spreading the good word : We would love to wobble that giant latex irrigate beard …

The message? Condoms are actually severely strong, so you know, fold it up and all that jazz.

I know what I’m doing tonight … –>

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