When parcelling your bags for an epic undertaking, a camera is the most vital accessory.

Don’t imagine us? Take a look at the Travel category for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.

Though the overall winners of the rival won’t be announced until April 21, the recently announced shortlist includes lush photos from categories like Architecture, Nature& Wildlife, Candid and more. But no category captivates the combination of escapade, natural beauty and cultural activities fairly like Travel.

Below, a selection of travelling portraits with captions from photographers who submitted their work to the Sony World Photography Awards. They evidence a world-wide merely begging to be explored.

West Bengal, India

Abhijit Banerjee

“Every year in the month of January few deficiencies of follower be submitted to Gangasagar fair in West Bengal. It is the secondlargest fair of India. Captivated the adherents while they adore sun just after their bath.”

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Adriano Neves

“The ‘Cuernos del Paine’ mountain range manifested over the glacial liquids of pond Nordenskj in ‘Torres del Paine’ National Park … Or perhaps a image of Eden’s Gardens? ”

Bryce Amphitheater, Utah

Anasuya Mandal

“The hoodoos of the Bryce Amphitheater glistened as the golden lights of the sunlight illuminated them, while the vista took my breath away.”

Vesturhorn, Iceland

Nick Kontostavlakis

“Iceland is one of my favorite ends, for various concludes. The most important is the unique atmosphere and the strong looks caused by the beautiful landscape which invariably changes as you drive around the country.”

West Pier, England

Ralph Graef

“Brighton, West Pier.”

Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Simone Cmoon

“Two thousand, one hundred and seventy-sixmeters above the sea. Berner Alpen, Switzerland. It was a very hard and dangerous method to this beautiful neighbourhood: Rise and stepping up and down mountains. One season I had to take my hound into my knapsack to climb down a wall. We were 36 hours on the road leading with heavy backpacks, exclusively two hours sleep, I’m very happy that we arrived back alive( first time we did such a crazy spontaneously journey) and I am happy that I have seen this wonderful nature.”

Sanur Beach, Indonesia

Tan Jia Yi

“I fell in love with photography five years ago, initially shooting portraiture and scenery until I detected the minimalism artwork/ long revelation technique 3 years ago. The distilled, condensed quality of sourcing the artwork chassis into the select frame, stripped off the nonessential bring to focus a charm that’s strange, abstract, introspective and otherworldly. This shoot was take place within Bali before the daybreak. In the face of such evident stillness, it’s the whodunit of stillnes that speaks to our innermost self…”

South China

Tugo Cheng

“A fisherman is farming the high seas in between the bamboo rods erected for aquaculture off the coast in south China.”

U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

Lesley Hall

“Taken at the U Bein Bridge in Myanmar, taken from a ship on Taungthaman Lake.”

Sorko polje, Slovenia

Andrej Tarfila

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