The Good Paraphernalium for Dazzling, Sunny Date on the Slopes

There’s nothing like skiing under stupefying off-color skies. Don’t broke it by garmenting for a blizzard.

1. Trew Men’s Wander Jacket
A simple-minded wind-blocking eggshell is all you need in epic condition. The trim slouse of this one signifies it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a tent, and the lightweight interpretation draws it easy to carry or stuff in a backpack. If wind and clouds suddenly emerge , no prob: You’re still protected.
$ 419

2. Faction Dictator 2.0
Engineered for hard-charging skiers, Faction’s Dictator series is supersaturated with vigorous specs: ultralight aluminum composite skeletons; a dual radius sidecut for fast, accurate alters; and a slight tail rocker that ups the fun factor in the powww.
$ 729

3. Smith Optics I/ O 7
Skiing in sunglasses isn’t recommended beyond the bunny slope. Smith Optics’ recent goggles pair up with the company’s swappable ChromaPop lenses for different circumstances. On the brightest daytimes, click in one of the antireflective lenses to nix nasty glare.
$ 200

4. Tecnica Freeride Cochise 130 Dyn
These ski slippers are popular with all-mountain adventurers who need rigidity but don’t miss the brutal blockage of a race boot. They’re neat and stiff but light-footed and maneuverable. Swap into the more forgiving path mode for an apres-ski saunter to the chalet.
$ 700

5. Snowshed 3-Season Helmet Beanie
Keeping your pate warm is smart, even on beautiful days–it’s still winter, after all. Snowshed’s soft merino wool detonator is thin and slight enough to fit under a helmet, so you don’t “re going to have to” take it off when you buckle on your safety gear.
$ 35

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Styling by Pakayla Biehn
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