The 2016 Philly Naked Bike Ride resulted and yes there are photos

Does wearing nothing but a helmet counting as being naked?

Saturday evening, millions of cyclists showed off their biker organizations at the Philly Naked Bike Ride.

The 10 -mile nude bike go website responds the race supports, “Riding together to promote ga self-conscious uptake, positive form persona, and cycling advocacy.”

Even though it’s technically a naked motorcycle ride, numerous participants choose to ride in underwear or cover their bodies in paint.

Their FAQ area speaks, “We want people to be as comfortable and have as much recreation as possible , no matter how much or how little of their body is exposed.”

The Philly Naked Bike Ride has a strict code of conduct, as detailed on their website, which prevents all means of sexual harassment.

The ride frequently takes most participants two to three hours, as the organization fosters equestrians to move at a slow pace to promote dialogue and more efficient congestion flow.

Participants who are currently nude on the lower half tend to cover their accommodate with bandanas or towels which is surely the right move if their motorcycle was rented from a a ride share program.

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