The$ 1 Million Summer Vacation

According to a recent examine, Americans would spend an average of $43,154 on vacation if money “werent any” objectalmost exactly the same amount as the average salary nationwide. But if coin is no object, why not go whole hog?

In an effort to find the real explanation of no-holds-barred indulgence, we asked seven pas insiders to dream up how they are able to spend a cool million on the excursion of a lifetime. Their answers were inspiring, with deep dives covering entire continents and alternatives that touch every corner of the globe( sometimes all in one vacation ). In short: Its time to upgrade your bucket inventory.

A Safari on Steroids

Overlooking the Namib desert .
Photographer: Nigel Pavitt/ Getty Images/ AWL Images RM

The Insider : Tom Marchant, co-founder of Black Tomato, one “of the worlds” contributing bespoke tour operators

Im drawn to the natural glamour of Africa and its difficult to pick which field speaks to me “the worlds largest”. So if I were to design the eventual trip, it would be a private plane charter down the continent from Cairo to Cape Town with multiple stops. Id revisit some of my favorite iconic plazas such as Kruger National Park, the Okavango Delta, and the Serengeti. Id dive deeper into Ethiopiaone of the most wonderful parts of the world[ temperature-wise] where I would summit active volcanoes, connect camel caravans across the barren landscape, and explore Bale National Park, which is still off the tourist delineate( for now ). And I would lend in some rare cultural and physical experiences, like climbing the Brandberg mountains in Namibia one day and soaring above the Namib desert by hot-air balloon the next. It would all be a mixture of testing physical restraints, retracing the phases of iconic explorers, and diving into the unknownbut with dazzling secluded hostels or private cliques as accommodations at the end of each day.

Planes, Trains, and BoatsAll or Nothing

The Orient Express on a expedition across Europe .
Photographer: Olly Courtney/ Getty Images