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Image: nbbj

Construction of Chinese internet giant Tencent’s brand-new headquarters is nearly done. The 50 -story skyscraper will nurse 12,000 the workers and is slated to open in 2017.

Tencent is one of the largest tech conglomerates in Asia, and is better known for flowing China’s biggest messenger app, WeChat. It likewise owns Clash of Tribe game manufacturer Supercell.

This drone footage, is available to Mashable from American building house NBBJ, presents Tencent’s towering campus rising above the other buildings around it in the Shenzhen industrial area.

The two towers are connected to each other by skybridges at floorings 1, 21 and 34. Within, hires will have access to a running track, pond, reflection rooms and a rock-climbing facility, NBBJ notes.

It’s also been widely publicised that smart-alecky chambers within will adjust temperature based on how many people are in them. Holographic tours are too apparently in the works.

Image: nbbj

Image: nbbj

Image: nbbj

If its headquarters seems extravagant, Tencent can probably yielded it. The firm merely became the most valuable company in Asia, and one of the world’s top ten by market capitalisation, being valued at HK $1.976 trillion ($ 254 billion) on Monday on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

NBBJ is also the architecture house behind other tech firms’ headquarters, such as Google, Samsung and Microsoft.

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