Squad USA’s Winter Olympics spotlights and lowlights: our writers’ judgments

From Chloe Kims gold to Elizabeth Swaneys slouch towards magnificence, Guardian columnists on the large-hearted narratives from Pyeongchang

Best US recital at the Olympics

No American woman had ever acquired an Olympic medal in meet country until Jessie Diggins overtook Sweden and Norway on the final lap to acquire the team sprint freestyle alongside Kikkan Randall. The bubbly 26 -year-old from Minnesota, who expends her downtime hearing hip-hop dancing routines from YouTube tutorials, abode near-miss after near-miss early on in Pyeongchang when she finished in the top six but off the rostrum in her first four happenings, missing copper by 3.3 seconds in the 10 km freestyle. However, she persisted. For her efforts- and ebullience- Diggins was chosen to carry the flag into the closing liturgy by her USA team-mates. BAG

John Shuster’s name was synonymous with outage on the biggest stage. It was always unjust. He had a good preserve in World Championship competition, and if someone in the USA could’ve outshone him, he wouldn’t have been in the Olympics. Americans have short attention spans, and we are just notice the Olympics, where he has twice flopped as a bounce. After a 2-4 begin in Pyeongchang, every competition was a must-win. He reeled off a long inheritance of clutch shootings during the course of several days. A 4-5 account would’ve been fine. He, and his unit, acquired amber. BD

The women’s hockey team’s win over Canada was the most exciting minute for the American delegating. It had been 20 times since the team had prevailed golden, eternally frustrated by the mighty Canadian crew. And while this group seemed to have a better occasion at golden going into these Competition, the believed to be actually thumping Canada in the final chimed too daunting to thoughts. Then they did and in one of the greatest Olympic hockey recreations very. LC

Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson. Hockey may be the eventual squad sport, but Lamoureux-Davidson’s individual struggle on her shootout purpose to assist finally push the US past Canada set her apart. A era after the US win, I was at a hockey rink and discovered a group of young sons trying- and flunking- to replicate the female star’s puck wizardry. The US is very likely to have to go through Canada again in four years, but Lamoureux-Davidson’s goal in Pyeongchang will live on forever. DG

Biggest US frustration

Madison Hubell and Zachary Donohue encapsulate the sorrows of many US skaters in Pyeongchang. Photograph: Jean Catuffe/ Getty Images

None of the US women’s flesh skating contingent- Bradie Tennell( who finished ninth ), Mirai Nagasu( 10 th) and Karen Chen( 11 th)- skated flawlessly in any of their six programs in the singles contender, where an American female failed to finish in the top six for the first time at any Olympics since World War II. As Alina Zagitova grew the second-youngest Olympic gold medalist in representation skating history after Tara Lipinski, the heady periods of American dominance exemplified by Lipinski, Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Sarah Hughes never experienced more remote.( And that was before the normally whip-smart Nagasu’s bizarre post-competition remarks, which she’s been walking back since .) BAG

The disappointment was spread almost evenly, from speedskating to biathlon, but the most difficult had to be anatomy skating. They were just good enough in the team happening, and Mirai Nagasu in particular was remarkable. But after that, too many things went wrong. The foregrounds were Nathan Chen’s free skate and the Shibutanis’ free move, together with beautiful but not highly tallied skates from Adam Rippon. The lowlights: all three women had major issues with their individual actions, two of the sparkler dancing duos faltered in the free skate, and Chen excavate extremely deep a flaw for himself in the short planned. BD

Figure skating overshadows everything else at the Winter Olympics and the US traditionally does well in this athletic. At least until this year. While there were a few bright blots for the American team- Nathan Chen’s comeback and unit and frost moving bronzes- the overall act was poverty-stricken, especially for the US women who have often been the country’s biggest Olympic wizards. Pyeongchang established how far American illustration skating has fallen behind the countries of the world. LC

Things soon descended apart for US figure skating after going bronze in the team happen and no number of Adam Rippon interrogations could save it. The wonder for US figure skating is, to review the intense learn needs to be very young contestants to excel in the sport, is it value what’s required to get back to the award stand in 2022? DG

Star of the Games

Marit Bjoergen displayed her brightnes in Pyeongchang. Photo: Odd Andersen/ AFP/ Getty Images

The only correct answer is Ester Ledecka, the winter boasts polymath from the Czech Republic whose golds in alpine skiing’s super-G( in one of the biggest Olympic disturbances ever) and snowboarding’s similarity monstrou slalom( as the prohibitive favourite) gave her an unprecedented ski-snowboarding double and induced her only the third largest athlete ever to win individual Winter Games medals in different boasts and the first in 86 years. Greatest jock on the planet? The 22 -year-old is no doubt in the discussion. BAG

Norwegian cross-country skier Marit Bjoergen already had 10 Olympic medals from four Olympics. That’s a striking career, but it wasn’t enough for her. At age 37, she took five more, finishing her Olympic career with a rout of nearly two minutes in the 30 km classical. She is the Michael Phelps of the Winter Game, containing the career record with 15 awards. BD

While Norway reigned the Olympics and “mustve been” celebrated as the whiz of the Games, we must pay tribute to the US men’s curling team. The storage of five working unathletic people with brooms in their hands will be burned in many recollections for years to come. America is about to have its curling fashion. A boast that has brought laughters for years will now spawn bulletin clubs and a new generation of young American curlers looking for their own Olympic glory- without “ve had to” face-lift a load. LC

Chloe Kim’s father emigrated to the United States. And the 17 -year old snowboarding celebrity desires breakfast sandwiches so much she tweeted about them in the middle of her work day. Tens of millions of Americans can relate to at least one, if not both sets of ordeals. What we can’t relate to is her they are able to move in the half pipe. But her expertise, youth and identity signifies she will be the biggest identify in US winter boasts heading to 2022. DG

Villain of the Games

Elizabeth Swaney wends her style towards a exceedingly average concert. Photo: Kin Cheung/ AP

My personal scoundrel was Soohorang.( Don’t even get me started .) But a more universal option would have to be the condition, which made a laughter of organizers’ attempts to schedule the alpine skiing competitor by constricting it on both ends of the calendar. As a ensue Mikaela Shiffrin’s much-hyped bid for biography in five occasions was truncated to three. Her makes in those races speak for themselves – first in the giant slalom, fourth in the slalom and second in the alpine combined- and by no sane metric could Shiffrin’s Olympics be considered a regret, even if the fourth-place finish did come in the restraint she’s reigned since Sochi. But there will ever persist a sense of “what if” bordering Shiffrin’s fortnight in the Taebaek mountains. Who knows what evidences might have fallen had only the climate complied ? BAG

Italian biathlete Dominik Windisch surely couldn’t believe his luck in the mixed communicate when Germany’s Arnd Peiffer missed four hits, leaving the door open for Italy to take a medal. Windisch and Peiffer battled for the third largest recognise all through the last lap. Windisch had a slight rim thoughts into the terminate straight-from-the-shoulder, where paths are marked and skiers are supposed to remain within them. Windisch and Peiffer each picked a path just before the markers. But Windisch suddenly moved in front and cut him off. Peiffer almost had to stop and change paths, finishing 0.3 seconds behind Windisch. The jury governed the move law. Bild looked it differently, with the headline:” Italien foult sich zu Biathlon-Bronze( Italy contaminates its road to biathlon copper )”. BD

Wasn’t Russia supposed to have been prohibited from these Olympics for controlling thousands of doping exams for its athletes before and during the 2014 Sochi Games? And yet more than 170 Russian athletes were allowed to compete in Pyeongchang under the vague deed of Olympic Athletes from Russia. There was even a Russian House, even if it wasn’t allowed to use that appoint. What’s a prohibition if it isn’t really a proscribe? LC

We’ve all had the conversation about which Olympic sport we could most readily participate in without any instruct. Maybe it’s one of the men who brooms in bending. Or the person in redoubles luge who doesn’t steer the sled. But that’s all it’s supposed to be: a conversation. Elizabeth Swaney actually did it in rival. Swaney loopholed her space into a recognize in the skiing halfpipe for Hungary and then cautiously coasted down such courses. It’s not what the Olympics is supposed to be about. The Olympics are supposed to be about corruption and blood doping. I’m sorry, I signify the best jocks in the world. DG

The US’s performance at the Games was …

Without lessening the efforts and commitment of the individual jocks themselves, it’s hard to distinguish the collective outcome as anything but a displeasure. The 23 overall honours won fell short of the USOC’s target goal of 37 medallions and baseline of 25. And simply 11 of those 23 came in plays that were on the program at the Calgary Olympics in 1988, when the United States hit rock bottom with six to inspire an modernize of the entire wintertime sports infrastructure. The downward trends in two sports where the United States has traditionally prospered, rate skating and chassis skating, demonstrated no signeds of reversing. And this was without a full-strength Russian line-up in the mix. Tell the inquest begin. BAG

Erratic. Likewise unfortunate in the case of Alpine skiing, where the rescheduling hurt Mikaela Shiffrin’s journey to win one tonne of medallions, but she still wound up with a gold and a silver. In biathlon and speedskating, the USA had a strong 2017 season but fell from aggressively this season. It’s not that the squad is considerably worse across the board, but they’re missing some of the rainmakers they’ve had in the past. In 2010, the USA had three jocks- Bode Miller, Johnny Spillane and Apolo Ohno- prevail three medallions each. This time, the only multimedalists were Shiffrin, snowboarder Jamie Anderson and the ice-dancing Shib Sibs, each with two. But nine gold medals and 23 in total aren’t bad, and the breakthroughs in cross-country skiing and curling, together with the women’s hockey thriller, will be replayed on NBC for decades to come. BD

Sometimes the obsession over honours can gloom perceptions of what the Olympics is supposed to be about. But the US was expected to win more than 23 medallions, particularly after taking 28 and 37 in the last two Winter Tournament. There were great performances like Chloe Kim in the halfpipe, yet overall the American team descended far short of their goals. Specially disappointing were the above figures skating and accelerate skating units. LC

Just good enough. The US finished fourth in gold medals in fourth in total medals, far back of Donald Trump’s beloved Norway, but Team USA’s big successes — Chloe Kim, the US women’s ice hockey gold, Team Shuster’s upset bending gold( I imagine one or two beings announced it the Miracurl On Ice) — meant that a narration of underperformance could never really stick. DG

One progress for the Beijing Activity

This labelled the United States’ lowest medal pull since the 1998 Nagano Competition, when they finished sixth in total medals with 13, the same below-average placement their eight medals earned in Sapporo 1972. That’s worrisome when you consider Beijing will be the third of three straight Olympics in the far east after Pyeongchang and the 2020 Summer Tournament in Tokyo. There’s always going to be a drop-off when you compete halfway the world, but let’s just hope the USOC stirs headway on whatever distance-based topics they can identify that are containing the team back. BAG

For organizers: start the Alpine skiing occurrences before the ceremony so weather postponements won’t compress the schedule so badly. For those who aren’t directly involved: get NHL participates back in the Olympics. BD

Not merely are metropolitans knowing it expensive to legion Olympics but followers can’t seem to afford the tickets. The everlasting image of Pyeongchang was event after incident performed in front of empty stands. It’s a lot to expect beings from all over “the worlds” to waste thousands to come to the Olympics. Too often, the Games are held in places where locals can’t afford to buy accommodates. In 2008 numerous Beijing occupants were priced out of affairs being held in their neighborhoods: the IOC has to find a way to make tickets inexpensive otherwise they are just producing a television establish before empty gatherings. LC

None. In four years, I think we’ll all be happy enough if the world is still in good enough influence for the Olympics to take place. DG

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