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How Someone Will React When They’re Mad At You, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Aries As long as you aren’t close to Aries, they frankly couldn’t care less. They’re more apt to tell you to join the guild than tell you off. Though, if you do anything TO them … it’s another story… Taurus They have an intense need to be liked and wear their centres on their sleeves, … Read More

How To Use Your Birth Chart To Unlock Truths About Your Past Life

Few people know that astrology can tell you more than just what’s going on inthe present timing of your life. I consider the birth chart to be a navigate to an individual’s temperament, and when it’s used in that lane, you can find out literally all other aspects of the reasons why a person is … Read More

How To Know Which Zodiac Sign You Really Are When You’re Born On The Cusp

I know it says Im an Aries, but when I read the zodiac signal descriptions, I always feel like a Pisces! I hear tons of deviations of this term from people who are born on the cusp of signs. You might experience lost in a sea of embarrassment, amazing which area to cling to, longing … Read More