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Trumps Russia Towers: He Just Cant Get Them Up

Despite a lot of boasts and some shady fixers, Trump has expended decades trying and failing to get a foothold in the Russian market.”> This is the third in our serial of articles laying out all “youve been” wanted to know about Trump and Russia, but were afraid to ask. Read areas one, two, and … Read More

Felix Baumgartner Space Jump World Record 2012 Full HD 1080p [FULL]

The Objective – Red Bull Stratos, an objective to the side of room, will attempt to transcend human limits that have actually existed for HALF A CENTURY. Supported by a group of experts Felix Baumgartner prepares to ascend to 120,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon and make a freefall jump rushing toward earth at supersonic … Read More

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