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Ascertaining a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich–Then Vegas Made Them Pay

Michael Friberg John Kane was on a inferno of a triumph fleck . On July 3, 2009, he ambled alone into the high-limit chamber at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas and sat down at a video poker machine called the Game King. Six minutes later the purple light on the top of the machine … Read More

A Revolutionary Way of Loosing a Generation of Geniuses

You can read a form of this history in Spanish here. Pueden leer una versin de esta historia en espaol aqu .~ ATAGEND Jose Urbina Lopez Primary School sits next to a drop exactly across the US border in Mexico. The academy provides inhabitants of Matamoros, a dusty, sunbaked metropolitan of 489, 000 that is … Read More

The Excruciating, 200 -MPH World of Wingsuit Racing

Joe Ridler has climbed out of an airplane practically 700 occasions in his life, but when he makes the leap earlier in the day, the goals and targets will be about more than reaching the ground safely. It will be to fly through the air faster, farther, and for longer than anyone else in the … Read More

The Spectacular, Rip-Roaring Billows of Lake Erie’s’ November Witch’

A November witch is, as the epithet shows , not something to trifle with. The colorful epithet refers to the particularly nasty hurricanes that pummel the Great Lakes around this time of year. Most beings wisely choose to stay inside, protected from the 30 -mph gales beaten by hurricanes so harsh they can do rivers … Read More