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How’ Sherlock of the library’ cracked the case of vehicles of Shakespeare’s identity

Literary detective Heather Wolfe is shown how her ardour for manuscripts facilitated unravel mystery of who the bard truly was Deep in the Folger Library, in Washington DC, Heather Wolfe says that examining Shakespeare makes an ideal preparation for the onset of Trumps America. You can see her stage: Shakespeare would have revelled in the … Read More

Misdemeanour, social climbing, shotgun weddings: gratify the Shakespeares

A pregnant bride, a father-god who lived in fear of detain, a son-in-law charged with an offence carnal copulation: Shakespeares own family was just as wild and wicked as his formations. Illustration: Matthew Richardsonby Simon Callow Shakespeares inclusiveness, the overwhelming feel in the plays that all human life is there, is necessary that focusing on … Read More