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Mozambique: the secret rainforest at the heart of an African volcano

A dream team of scientists scaled Mount Lico and felt a capital of brand-new species Standing in a cavity in the red grime of a mountaintop forest in north Mozambique, Dr Simon Willcock was unclean but so excited.” Undisturbed forest is unbelievably uncommon ,” he announced.” That is why we scaled a 125 -metre-tall cliff … Read More

How one guy died so a whale might live

Humans have spent more than 10 centuries emptying the atlantic provinces of some of its most extraordinary animals. Today, a coalition of researchers and anglers are trying to turn the tide and learning that management is much harder than destruction Sunrise on the St Lawrence ” The whale was the future, the present and the … Read More

‘You’re not going to die’: 911 transcripts from cougar attempt uncover panic and anguish

Recordings of emergency bawls in Washington state detail efforts to locate mountain bikers stalked by cougar Recordings of emergency calls after a lethal cougar criticize in Washington state last weekend item how dispatchers struggled to figure out exactly where the enduring scapegoat was – and how worried he was about his friend who had been … Read More

Tooth and claw: protective mother make cuts off Dracula’s castle

Brown bear shielding three cubs closes Poenari Castle are exploited by Romanias Vlad the Impaler in the 15 th century While Draculas legend generally fails to scare tourists away from the blood-sucking vampires 15 th century palace, a large, furry and protective mother abide has had more success. Romanian authorities have declared Poenari castle off … Read More

Africa’s Eden: 7 reasonableness to discover the Waterberg

( CNN) Folded away in Limpopo province, the pristine, rugged and ancient Waterberg region doesn’t make it on to most South Africa travel itineraries — and that’s much of its plead. By the same token, you don’t “re going to have to” move far from the more defeated paths. The Waterberg has flying mountain tops, … Read More

Wild boar dedicates British ambassador to Austria a scare

Envoy narrates being accused at by massive specimen, resulting in minor injuries as he slipped during his escape Britains ambassador to Austria are typically been given a warm welcome, but a neighbourhood wild boar appeared to have little time for diplomatic niceties. Leigh Turner, who took up the post last August, has been shown that … Read More

‘ Who knows what we’ll find next ?’ Journey to the heart of Mozambique’s hidden forest

Since it was identified on Google Earth in 2005, the wood of Mount Mabu has amazed scientists with its unique wildlife. Jeffrey Barbee joins explorer Professor Julian Bayliss on the first journey to its green heart The sodden boots of the team slide backwards in the black clay as they strive up towards the bank … Read More

Seal to be set free after promenade through Tasmanian municipality

The 200 kg mammal “mustve been” tranquillised after clambering on to a vehicle in suburban Launceston A giant fur close that spent Boxing Day wandering suburban Tasmanias streets will be secreted back into the wild. Police, and commons and sildlife officers wasted often of Monday morning trying to capture the seal, which took a stroll … Read More

Snake hunters captivate 106 Burmese pythons in Florida Everglades

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials commissioned hunters help to tackle millions of invasive pythons from south-east Asia that have overrun the Everglades Snake hunters captured 106 Burmese pythons after weeks of traipsing through the Florida Everglades, territory wildlife officials announced on Saturday, together with gives for the most impressive catches. Thousands of invasive pythons from … Read More