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Are these the world’s dumbest sightseers?

The Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo.( Reuters) Sometimes beings don’t suppose when they’re traveling. Whether it’s being downright impertinent of historical tombstones, goading wild animals or piquing locals, weve rounded up some of the stupidest stuffs weve seen travelers do. 1. Climbed Egyptian pyramid A German adolescent who illegally climbed the 4500 -year-old … Read More

The Cutest Animals In Australia, AKA Satan’s Playground, That AREN’T Trying To Kill You

I’m sure Australia is a lovely country to visit. Any neighbourhood that can create both Simon Baker and the Hemsworth brothers clearly has something good going for it. But I would be lying if I said the thought of venturing across the globe to see it myself wasn’t a tad panicking. I mean, have you … Read More

Whats Devouring You( in National park )?

Grizzly onrushes on humans in and around our national parks ever see the report, but you’re more likely to be attacked by bison, or clicks. Here’s a steer for leery campers.”> Phillip had “ve been drinking”, and later he frequently told people close to him that hed taken LSD that night. Somewhere behind him was … Read More