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Super motivated bride documented her weight loss expedition on Instagram

Haley Smith’s Instagram is a masterclass in motivation. She spent its first year leading up to her wed is currently working on getting health, and she ultimately lost over 100 pounds before her large-scale daylight. She did so by snacking health, employing and detecting some A+ motivating techniques. SEE ALSO: Weight loss app weighs calories … Read More

8 Phenomenal Outdoor Engagement Photos That Go Above And Beyond

When it comes to taking your involvement paints from ehhh to ahhh-mazing , we have just threewords of advice for you: location, location, location. Leave the cutesy props at home and find “the worlds largest” awe-inspiringlocation you can. Done and done. Your engagement photos automatically won’t be boring. You can smile on a steep cliff … Read More

Funny Marriage Proposal Video Shows How We Ruin Everything With Social Media

Millennials simply love one thing more than ourselves: going likes on oursocial media uprights.( Which, is various kinds of the same situation as cherishing themselves , now that I think about it .) If you, like, prevail, fortunes are, your newsfeed is currently spate with an absolute invasion of marriage engagement edicts and bridal defendant … Read More