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Aerial epitomes demonstrate devastating flooding in center US

( CNN) Aerial photos and other likeness from the St. Louis region and other particular regions of the central United States demo the devastating effect of the flooding that has caused as many as a dozen fatalities and shut down transportation in the area. Brian Emfinger, a reporter for CNN affiliate KATV, took aerial images … Read More

Record-Setting Cold Chills Northeast On Valentine’s Day

BOSTON( Reuters) – Residents of much of the northeastern United States woke up on Sunday to bone-chilling cold ailments that shattered Valentine’s Day enters in Boston, Hartford and Providence. Officials told residents to stay indoors in the face of the -9 degree Fahrenheit( -2 2.8 Celsius) temperatures, which felt as cold as -4 0 degrees … Read More

8 Mentions That Explain Why The Happiest Parties Are Fools That Dance In The Torrent

The sun is such red-hot shit these days. Everyones hastening to the beach to catch some lights or clambering mountains to get even closer to the sun or amping up on social media about get out of work to celebrate, like, the most perfect sunny daytime #sunsoutgunsout #isworkoveryet #pooldreams. But what happens when it downpours? … Read More

In inhuman twist, ski useds close as the snowfall piles up

“Its what” 9 hoofs of snow in two days looks like at the Kirkwood Lake Tahoe ski used .Image: kirkwood mountain used Turns out you are able to have too much of a good thing. The Lake Tahoe area on the California-Nevada border has been dumped with snow perfect for the centre of prime skiing … Read More