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Woman rushes into freezing sea to rescue her fur baby

London’s ponds and ponds ought to have freezing over, which has proven a problem for domesticated owneds. Unknowing pups can find themselves in dangerous predicaments. SEE ALSO: Firefighters rescue dog that stole through the ice on Lake Michigan One London woman experienced this when her pup fell through the surface of an icy pond at … Read More

Scary video presents a snowboarder roughly getting swallowed up by an avalanche

A snowboarder in Whistler, Canada had a very close call after he inadvertently induced an avalanche while stumbling some fresh powder. Australian native Tom Oyecame to a stop among the priorities of a bank when suddenly the snow beneath him started to change. Precisely as the avalanche starts, Oye participates his special backpack, which overstates … Read More

Your Most Favorite VVV-Posts In 2016

So here are the 15 posts you parties somehow “ve managed” clink “the worlds largest” here on Viral Viral Videos this year( this travels from about 4,000 to 38,000 beliefs per upright ). Next to some more recent videos you already tend to rewatch some older footage from the year’s before. Interesting taste, person! 1. … Read More

This ‘Portal’ bike ride is sheer intensity

Wheeeeeee !Image: Crimson Bull/ Facebook Remember Portal , Valve’s puzzler which had you jump-start through punctures in the very fabric of seat, instant transporting “youve got to” another location? Well , now you can see what that would be like in real life, if you were also exceedingly, very good at travelling a bike. Like, … Read More

YouTuber Casey Neistat disappeared snowboarding with some assistance from a drone

It’s 2016, so obviously Santa’s sleigh has been replaced with a drone. YouTuber turned CNN staffer Casey Neistat has wowed us spate of durations. He took us for a snowboarding trip through the street of NYC. He showed us what it’s like to wing in an ultra sumptuous plane. But this time Neistat took his … Read More

Santa and his reindeer friend are the perfect biker crew

We all know Santa and his reindeer travel by sleigh on Christmas eve, but what about the rest of the time? It’s not as if you can journey a sleigh down to the local store to pick up some milk, after all you’d be noticed immediately. SEE ALSO: Check out these epics Christmas lightings synced … Read More

BASE jumper lucky to be alive after shocking wingsuit crash caught on camera

BASE jumper Eric Dossantos, 30, from San Diego, California, is lucky to be alive after a horrifying wingsuit disintegrate left him with multiple busted bones. Dossantos was “flying” employing a wingsuit at a hasten of 90 mph in picturesque Chamonix, France, on Sept. 29 when he miscalculated and clipped the top of a tree, mailing … Read More