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Jamie Anderson triumphs second Olympic slopestyle gold in dangerous predicaments

Jamie Anderson of the United States held her women snowboard slopestyle golden medal amid merciless airs and cold Winter Olympics 2018 Jamie Anderson triumphs second Olympic slopestyle gold in dangerous problems American wins amid harsh air and cold that restricts phenomenon Austria’s Anna Gasser:’ I don’t think it was a fair competition’ Australia’s Tess Coady … Read More

Squad USA’s Winter Olympics spotlights and lowlights: our writers’ judgments

From Chloe Kims gold to Elizabeth Swaneys slouch towards magnificence, Guardian columnists on the large-hearted narratives from Pyeongchang Best US recital at the Olympics No American woman had ever acquired an Olympic medal in meet country until Jessie Diggins overtook Sweden and Norway on the final lap to acquire the team sprint freestyle alongside Kikkan … Read More

USA fell short at the Winter Olympics and concepts could get worse

The Americans failed to reach their medal target, and non-eu countries will catch up in the athletics where Team USA thrived On the surface the United States’ collective describe at the Pyeongchang Olympics doesn’t examine so bad: 23 medallions and nine ambers, good for fourth on the table no matter how you sort it behind … Read More

Shani Davis rips US team after misplacing pennant bearer status on coin toss

Veteran speedskater Shani Davis has registered his disfavour after he lost his chance to become the flag bearer for the USA at the Winter Olympics Winter Olympics 2018 Shani Davis rips US team after misplacing flag bearer status on silver toss Speedskater was tied with Erin Hamlin for Olympic reputation Says USA crew played’ dishonorably’ … Read More