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Mistake etched in granite on University of Texas memorial to shooting victims

The memorial, unveiled the coming week, honors victims on 50 th anniversary of tower butchery and prominently facets incorrect Latin conjugation A brand-new memorial for the victims of the 1966 University of Texas tower butchery is inscribed with a word Latin profs say constitutes an flustering mistake that is literally set in stone. The granite … Read More

Stanford sexual assault: students propose graduation affirm as exasperation originates

Graduation would normally be a happy experience for Stanford students, but the outcry over Brock Turners light-headed convict has shifted the mood The rape survivor support group meeting at Stanford University on Tuesday started with birthday patty. But when the sweeteneds were gone and the birthday hymn terminated, the sting inaugurated again. Did you guys … Read More

All parallelling everything: what luxury dorm room tell us about students today

Dorm decor now resembles a competitive sport committing more inspirational mottoes, fewer dedicated survey rooms and numerous, numerous pillows Back when I was a university undergraduate in Ye Olde England, my dorm room had an Ikea lamp, lots of pretentious journals and a ostentatious antique boulder strap poster. There is another mushroom germinating from my … Read More

After Stanford, invoice strives prison for sexual assaults of unconscious victims

The proposed bill, motivated by cruelty at the light-footed sentencing of Brock Turner, would require obligatory prison time for same criticizes in the future The prosecutor in the Stanford sexual assault case is pushing to stimulate prison a obligatory penalty for the persons who assault subconscious casualties, proposing legislation inspired by the global scandalize at … Read More