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Droves rally for Sanders in California as expedition under shoot for Nevada unrest

California alone accounts for more than half of persisting representatives showing senators prominent proximity in the Golden State lately Hours after Senator Bernie Sanders exhausted the following statement condemning any and all forms of violence, he rallied thousands of heartening backers in southern California without mentioning the unrest at the Nevada Democratic convention, during which … Read More

‘The US? We’re in bad shape’: pinched middle class tell tales of strive

As Voices of America highlights issues that matter to voters, in North Carolina, talk of helping the middle class feels like an empty promise without a plan Life comes in threes for Latonia Best. She has three bachelors-at-arms magnitudes, is conjuring three children on her own and has been working for three years as a … Read More

‘ I love Trump. He’s doing what he enunciated .’ President’s followers keep the faith

Womens Marches and widespread criticism of the Muslim ban have not dented the love of Trump voters Cast-iron hooks, minors vinyl records, classic nutrient containers, tobacco baskets, vintage-style olive barrels and a rotary-dial telephone fill the shelves at James and Jess House of Goods . The antiques store opened two years ago ,~ ATAGEND styling … Read More

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