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Why did 10 migrants succumb in this truck in Texas?

Their demises, after being crammed into an uncooled trailer amid scorching summer heat, uncover the callousness of smuggling along the US-Mexico border One day earlier this month, Johny Serna was brought by his mother to pray the rosary at a parish temple to Santo Toribio Romo, the patron saint of migrants, with his uncle and … Read More

US migration: what is Ice and why is it controversial?

Family separations at the border are driving called to speak to abolish relevant agencies seen as villain As outrage over family estrangements at the southern US border continues to boil, protesters and even a number of Democratic legislators are increasingly announcing for the abolition of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or Ice. Those … Read More

Lethal encounters: 97 deaths point to blueprint of margin agent violence across America

In the last 15 times, agents with Customs and Border Protection have utilized deadly force in districts up to 160 miles from their own borders, from Maine to California For six long years the family of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez have been caught in a law tale trying right for the 16 -year-old who was … Read More

Woman to appear in court after Fourth of July Statue of Liberty protest

Protester supporting against Trump administration immigration policies is apprehended by police after four-hour standoff Police detained a woman who climbed the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in a Fourth of July protest against the Trump administration’s immigration policies, and she is due to appear in court in New York on Thursday morning. The climber … Read More

Life and fatality on the Mexican borderline

The Long Read: Most of those who attempt to climb the wall into the US will be arrested and was sent out. If they subsist, they are able to keep trying The wall is an army in dark-brown. It is fabricated in regions 10 girders wide-cut, 18 ft towering and crowned with a metre-high blade. … Read More

US government clambers to respond to upsurge of migrants at Mexico border

Influx stems in part from fear that Trump will mandate a wall, but is principally a consequence of continuing violence and financial distress in Central America In another context you are able to guess the giant pavilions are being set up for a grand wedding. But this is the Texas border with Mexico, and the … Read More

Why I came to America: chasing my fantasy- and “the mens” I affection | Meera Nair

I was quite happy to stay living in Bangalore. But when the opportunity to pursue my writing arrived, I couldnt shift it down I never wanted to come to America, never wanted to be an immigrant. In the mid-9 0s I had a thriving, even glamorous, job in Bangalore, working for the Indian outpost of … Read More