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State department mutiny against Trump immigration ban proliferates

More than 200 diplomats sign dissent memoranda criticizing manager prescribe but press secretary Sean Spicer says dissenters should resign A mutiny among US officials was gathering steam on Monday as hundreds of state department agents were reported to have signed a memoranda strenuously dissenting from Trumps refugee ban. We are better than this ban, one … Read More

Hunger eats away at Venezuela’s soul as its people struggle to survive

The Maduro regime denies its formerly oil-rich country is in crisis. But on wall street the desperation cannot be hidden Hunger is gnawing at Venezuela, where both governments that claims to rule for the most severe has left most of its 31 million people short of nutrient, many urgently so. As darknes falls over Caracas, … Read More

The talking is over, the occupying forces goes on. Will there ever be armistice in the Countries of the middle east? | Jonathan Freedland

The award-winning performance Oslo depicts the high-pitched drama of Israeli and Palestinian negotiations of the past. But on the dirt today, the picture is much bleaker, writes Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland If you want to see Israelis and Palestinians is making an effort to make peace, you should head for the National Theatre in London- … Read More

General David Petraeus faints during grilling over US in Afghanistan

Hearing suspended for the day as Petraeus heals from dehydration, jetlag and need of food America’s top commander, General David Petraeus, fainted during a congressional hearing as he was being grilled by senators sceptical about US strategy in Afghanistan. His collapse came about an hour into the hearing as a Republican senator, John McCain, wondered … Read More