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Russian trolls ‘spreading discord’ over vaccine security online

Study discovered various reports , now known to belong to the same Russian trolls who interfered in the US election, tweeting about vaccines Bots and Russian trolls spread misinformation about inoculations on Twitter to sow separation and give malevolent content before and during the American presidential election, according to a brand-new study. Scientists at George … Read More

‘Bombshell’ tasks report places financial increment back in US election spotlight

Report announcing that merely 38,000 activities were added in May communicated Republican on a tear in such a way that hasnt been verified since the 2012 ballot cycle Back in 2012, the first Friday of the month was an rousing era in US politics. As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fought to convince voters that … Read More

Republican Bobby Jindal dangles presidential safarus

Louisiana governor was most recently polling at 1% in national sketch of Republican voters and says he has decided to suspend his campaign Once a rising star in the Republican party, Louisiana head Bobby Jindal has ended his campaign for the 2016 presidential nomination. It has been a great honors for me to run for … Read More

Hillary Clinton has delegates to secure Democratic nomination, says AP count

A burst of last-minute aid from superdelegates does appear to applied Clinton over the threshold to become the first female presidential campaigner of a major party Hillary Clinton has bridged the threshold of 2,383 representatives needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination, becoming the first wife in American history to be the presidential nominee of … Read More

Will Latino loathing of Trump drive a voter shift to swaying such elections?

The Republican frontrunners unfavorability ratings with Hispanic voters are at historic grades. If Latinos turn out to vote they could be key in November Donald Trumps rise is stimulating a reaction from Latino communities across America that has the potential to attest a formidable barrier to the billionaires success in the November presidential election. From … Read More

Bikers for Trump: ‘He’ll get my vote because he’s off his goddamn rocker’

Ahead of the New Hampshire primary, Adam Gabbatt went to the Chop Shop Pub in Seabrook and found out that the locals dont mince words when asked why theyre rooting for The Donald Theres a guy here whos not like us. It is Super Bowl night at the Chop Shop Pub, a biker table in … Read More

Droves rally for Sanders in California as expedition under shoot for Nevada unrest

California alone accounts for more than half of persisting representatives showing senators prominent proximity in the Golden State lately Hours after Senator Bernie Sanders exhausted the following statement condemning any and all forms of violence, he rallied thousands of heartening backers in southern California without mentioning the unrest at the Nevada Democratic convention, during which … Read More

‘The US? We’re in bad shape’: pinched middle class tell tales of strive

As Voices of America highlights issues that matter to voters, in North Carolina, talk of helping the middle class feels like an empty promise without a plan Life comes in threes for Latonia Best. She has three bachelors-at-arms magnitudes, is conjuring three children on her own and has been working for three years as a … Read More