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‘ We didn’t recognise that he was dangerous ‘: our leader killed our baby and sister

Last summer, Lance Hart shot dead his wife, daughter and himself, four periods after their own families had left him. His sons talk frankly about life before and after On a very warm summertime period last July, Claire Hart and her 19 -year-old daughter Charlotte croaked for an early morning swim at their local recreation … Read More

The fatal hike that became a Nazi publicity coup | Kate Connolly

The Long Read: In 1936, local schools group from south London went on a hike in the Black Forest. Despite the gallant rescue strives of German villagers, five sons succumbed. Eighty times on, neighbourhoods are still asking how it happened The lilac was in full bloom when a group of boys from the Strand school … Read More

With Boris Johnson in charge of diplomacy, Britain has insulted the world | Jonathan Freedland

Some say his character is merely symbolic. Even so it dedicates two thumbs to the countries whose goodwill we will need Theresa May could seldom have made a worse select of foreign secretary than Boris Johnson. Short of appointing Nigel Farage, or Jeremy Clarkson, the brand-new “ministers ” could not have made a more foolhardy … Read More

‘He was very scared’: the death of a teenage stowaway

Last month 14 -year-old Raheemullah Oryakhel died to reach the UK. As the Calais camp where he lived is dispersed, where will children like him lead? The death of Raheemullah Oryakhel, a 14 -year-boy from Afghanistan, was celebrated last-place month with just a couple of paragraphs in the French press, for the purposes of the … Read More

Wild boar dedicates British ambassador to Austria a scare

Envoy narrates being accused at by massive specimen, resulting in minor injuries as he slipped during his escape Britains ambassador to Austria are typically been given a warm welcome, but a neighbourhood wild boar appeared to have little time for diplomatic niceties. Leigh Turner, who took up the post last August, has been shown that … Read More

Surge in aid from many European countries driven by expenditure on looking after refugees at home, where spending has nearly doubled The amount of foreign aid money rich nations spend on dealing with the impact of the refugee crisis at home has almost doubled over the past year and now accounts for 9% of all … Read More

Rescued woman sorry for trying to proportion Ben Nevis armed with a selfie remain

Sara Albone reportedly became lost and started to suffer hypothermia after being caught in chilly weather while wearing just running gear A woman was rescued from Britains highest mountain after struggling an ascending while wearing summer clothes and carrying simply a selfie stay, according to reports. Sara Albone, 28, became disoriented and began to develop … Read More

BBC journalist stopped from flying to US over UK-Iranian tribe

Rana Rahimpour caught by new legislation that intends dual citizens of some countries, including Iran, can no longer use visa waiver programme A BBC journalist has been stopped boarding an aircraft from London to the US because of her dual British-Iranian tribe. Rana Rahimpour, a presenter at the BBCs Persian service based in London, was … Read More

The recount of a tragedy foreshadow: Grenfell Tower

Government and councils were advised repeatedly about attack refuge experts anxieties over tower blocks as far back as 1999 The inhabitants of Grenfell Tower were fright to discover smoke moving from their electrical appliances in May 2013. Laptops, videos, washing machines and fridges were damaged by an unexplained line of power surges that motivated the … Read More

The Glasgow effect: new examine discovers causes of city’s high-pitched mortality rates

Research based on recently secreted 1970 s policy documents recommends Glaswegians higher jeopardy of premature death was caused by skimming the ointment rehousing trained worker in new municipalities, and leaving the poorest behind Robert Preston takes the grainy photo simply a few square centimetres and yellowing with age from his pocketbook and with a meticulous … Read More

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