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Fake Lincolns and More Adventures of an RNC Uber Driver

There are three people dressed like Lincoln gazing in my attitude as I curve the Public Square. Cleveland. The third Lincoln from the left is truly “re giving me” the business with his eyes. Thats what they do when theyre looking for you, for their Uber. They try to lock attentions. Cool, I see. Maybe … Read More

Miles gives you honor miles for almost everything

Reward miles are neat if you hover a lot but what if you bike or take Lyfts or just like to walk around city? A brand-new app announced Miles aims to give you wages for all of those thoughts, bringing the notion of reinforces out of the breath and onto the ground. Miles, co-founded by … Read More

Uber Unveils the Piloting Taxi It Requires to Rule the Skies

If you trust the kinfolks with their gazes tilted upward and their hands curving in the air, flying taxis could be a commerce cure-all, leveraging the third dimension to make room for everyone. Uber is among the most fervent followers, and today the company uncovered private vehicles it hopes will realize this congestion murderer: the … Read More

JUMP Bikes weighing Uber $100 M+ acquisition, speculation gives

JUMP Bikes, the on-demand biking service that integrates with Uber, has been weighing both buy and speculation offers. A decision has not yet been reached, but right now possible options include a sale to Uber at world prices that outdoes $ 100 million, or a undertaking asset round, multiple beginnings tell TechCrunch. One of the … Read More

Citymapper ties with Gett to propel shared taxi passenger itinerary in London

Urban transport navigator app Citymapper is experimenting with creating another shipping assistance based off of analysis of the excursion data its consumers produce — and using application it built to identify underserved transport routes. Today it’s announced a tie-up with Gett‘s UK pitch-black cab acclaiming app to extend two commuter rows of shared taxis in … Read More

Silicon Valleys Secrets Are Hiding in Marc Andreessens Library

The first time I walked into the lobby of Andreessen Horowitz, four guys were waiting near the wall. Two sat in chairs. Two stand. And all four peered into open laptops, anxiously refreshing the slide decks they would soon slope to the firm’s partners. Founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and his sidekick Ben Horowitz, … Read More

Uber declares to self-driving automobile ‘problem’ in motorcycle thoroughfares as safety concerns attach

Engineers were working to fix programming inaccuracy that could have fatal answers for cyclists eras after Uber announced it would openly withstand California regulators Uber has admitted that there is a problem with the style autonomous vehicles traverse bike corridors, growing serious doubts about the safety of cyclists daytimes after the company announces that it … Read More