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The Trumps don’t miss the Obamas’ swing set

Malia Obama on her phone at the swing and play set last-place May on countries of the south fields of the White House outside of the Oval Office .Image: AP Photo/ Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP The White House change mount was drag off the South Lawn Thursday, only a few weeks before Donald Trump moves in. … Read More

A Trump Protest Basically Shut Down Chicago Last Night( And Here Are All Of The Amazing Things I Evidenced First-Hand During It)

Yesterday felt like a sickdream. It was the first time I understood what parties signify when they knew a misfortune and they said it felt like a nightmare they maintain tryingto wake up from. I detected so disheartened, so heartsick, and so worried for all the people in this country specially the millions that Trump … Read More

Human fly scales Trump Tower in New York

A boy scales the all-glass facade of Trump Tower, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016, in New York .Image: AP Photo/ Julie Jacobson A man was captivated on Facebook Live scaling the glassy elevations of Trump Tower in New York Wednesday, applying suction cups to move across the windows. With police watching helplessly below and passersby stopping … Read More