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A New Ejection Seat Makes Rocketing out of a B-2 Bomber Surprisingly Safe

The American military has a amusing way of thinking about width. Some dirt vehicles are sized not inevitably for battleground functionality, but preferably to fit inside the cargo airliners that will take them to said battlefield. And pilot sizing and load controls aren’t written to limit who can substance themselves inside a tight cockpit, but … Read More

The Doomsday L Train Shutdown Just Might Save NYC

Like Y2K and the Mayan prophecies relating December 21, 2012, the holocaust foreman for New York City comes with that “mark it on your calendar” boast you merely don’t get from bombshell nuclear attack. Here, the end-of-the-world appointment in question is April 2019, when one of its most important linkages between Manhattan and Brooklyn will … Read More

Elon Musks Boring Company Hope to Dig a Tunnel to Dodger Stadium

With six weeks left in the 2018 baseball season, the Los Angeles Dodger are just two plays out of first place in the National League West and a expedition to the playoffs. But even if they can top last year’s pennant-winning rendition, “the mens” in blue-blooded has not been possible to the only heroes for … Read More

Thank the Planet’s Shifty Magnetic Poles for Runway Renaming

For decades, aviators heading into or out of Wichita Eisenhower National Airport in southeast Kansas have had three runways to choose from: 1L/ 19 R, 1R/ 19 L, and 14/32. Now, at the orders of the FAA, the airport will waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to give itself a makeover. Proletarians will repaint those … Read More

Uber Unveils the Piloting Taxi It Requires to Rule the Skies

If you trust the kinfolks with their gazes tilted upward and their hands curving in the air, flying taxis could be a commerce cure-all, leveraging the third dimension to make room for everyone. Uber is among the most fervent followers, and today the company uncovered private vehicles it hopes will realize this congestion murderer: the … Read More

Americans Are Descending in Love With Bike Share

Bad news for the cool children who depend on their sugared fixies for cultural cachet: Cycling has hit the mainstream. Harmonizing to a report merely released by the National Association of City Transportation Officials, residents and tourists in US metropolis took 35 million bike-share journeys in 2017, up a whopping 25 percent from the year … Read More

Is Tesla’s Autopilot Safe? Feeling Out Demands Better Data

When Venetian merchants hauled the first the transport of a popular Ottoman drink called coffee into 17 th century Europe, leads in the Catholic Church did not exult at the prospect of improved productivity at the bottom of a warm cuppa. So they asked Pope Clement VIII to affirm coffee “the fierce invention of Satan.” … Read More

A Bid to Solve Californias Housing Crisis Could Redraw How Cities Grow

Scott Wiener, the California state senator representing San Francisco, has a pretty good idea for how to save the world. In happening, sitting in a coffee shop in his city’s Financial District, Wiener seems downright perplexeds that anyone would be against it. Here’s the idea: Build more housing. So, with his fellow senator Nancy Skinner, … Read More

The Security Savants Shielding the Winter Olympics

When the world’s attention shakes to South Korea on February 9, the eyewitness and players will be thinking about more than gold medals. The saber-rattling between the neighboring Koreas realizes for an ominous backdrop to the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, a tension that hearing the countries’ players march under the same flag and skate on … Read More

Someone’s been pranking air traffic control via radio frequencies

Using older engineering someone was able to transmit bogus calls to air traffic control towers, stimulating one plane to abort a arrival .Image: BRYAN LEE/ FLICKR April Fool’s came very early for one air traffic control centre, after a “lone-wolf” played a prank that could see them face 20 years in prison. SEE ALSO: Intense … Read More

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