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The Excellent Space Through the Alps Is the World’s Longest Rail Tunnel

Compared to the 160 million years the Alps have expended clambering out of the brutal crash of the Eurasian and African tectonic platefuls, Switzerland’s 17 -year project to blast through them doesn’t seem lengthyat all.But the achievement fits the dimensions of the the snow-capped mountains: When it opens today, theGotthard Base Tunnel will be thelongest, … Read More

The strange, unexplained, and deadly temptation of the Pope Lick Monster

Roquel Bain and her boyfriend didn’t meet the train coming until it was too late. Bain, a 26 -year-old surgical aide from Ohio, had traveled to Louisville, Kentucky for a late-night paranormal tour of a local sanatorium. With hours to spare beforehand, they found themselves on a trestle connection practically 100 hoofs above Pope Lick … Read More