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Simply do it: the experience economy and how we turned our backs on’ material’

New figures present we are still expend less money on buying events, and more on doing things and telling the world about it online afterwards, of course. From theaters to pubs to patronizes, firms are clambering to adapt to this shift It was an presumptuous plan for an unloved fragment of Manchester. A 25 m … Read More

Martin Charnin: he wrote Annie, but he is for ever a Jet-black

The famous lyricist and chairman has had the opposite of a hard-knock life in theater, begin in West Side Story and writing one of the biggest musicals Americas National Theatre in Washington is not so well known as its British equivalent, despite a long record President Abraham Lincoln watched his future executioner John Wilkes Booth … Read More

Can You Ever Love Jimi Hendrix Too Much? The Theater of Music Geekdom

Music geekdom is a cruel affliction. You have to predominantly lose in private, since who among your best friend and loved ones could ever is quite clear that the original Miles Davis Quintet isn’t jazz so much as pure golden purified into the form of chime, or that the Chicago post-rock scene in the late … Read More

Misdemeanour, social climbing, shotgun weddings: gratify the Shakespeares

A pregnant bride, a father-god who lived in fear of detain, a son-in-law charged with an offence carnal copulation: Shakespeares own family was just as wild and wicked as his formations. Illustration: Matthew Richardsonby Simon Callow Shakespeares inclusiveness, the overwhelming feel in the plays that all human life is there, is necessary that focusing on … Read More