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Check out this faith from the 1500 s that appeared in a body of water, due to a drought.

Droughts are not good, but let’s wonder for just a instant at something pretty cool that we’re catching a peek of because of one. A religion from the mid-1 500 s rose from the waters not literally, of course, because builds don’t generally tend to rise from the oceans when the water levels descent dramatically, … Read More

Every April, Egypt’s great statues revolve off-color. This woman’s hard work is why.

On April 2, the pyramids of Giza were lit up a beautiful tint of blue. Why? Photo by David Degner/ Getty Images. The pyramids are often lit up for a number of various vacations and crusades. In this case, the bright blue suns shone in honor of Autism Awareness Month recognizing a relatively recent recognition … Read More

8 of the most fascinating neighbourhoods on Earth you’ll perhaps never see in person.

Technology is inducing our planet all 197 million square miles of it appear smaller every day. We can use digital underwater delineates to explore the Great Barrier Reef, drones to wing over pods of Belugas in the Arctic, and high-resolution planet footage to explore virtually every blot on Earth. It can be hard to imagine … Read More