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Welcome to Powder Mountain- a utopian fraternity for the millennial upper-clas

When these young entrepreneurs bought a remote ski used in Utah, they dreamed of an exclusive, socially conscious parish. Is this the future, or Mt Olympus for Generation Me? Jeff Rosenthal is standing near the highest level of his snow-covered mountain wearing a fluffy jacket, fingerless gauntlets and rent jeans.” It’s surreal, humanity !” he … Read More

HoloLens: the virtual reality headset for elevator repair

Microsofts headset, initially for gamers, consider this to be ski goggles meets bifocals converges Tom Cruise in Minority Report, but its purpose is a serious one Passengers in a ThyssenKrupp elevator in the tallest building in the western hemisphere might have find their ears pop on the way to the 63 rd flooring last Thursday. … Read More