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This Is Your Brain on Burning Man

Burning Man begins on Sunday, and there will be slew of people dropping acid for the first time. Here’s why that may not be a bad thing.”> It was summertime of 1994, slap in the heart of the Cape Cods white-trash-meets-the-Hamptons busy season. Ace of Bass reigned the radio airwaves with their smarmy melodic Swedish … Read More

Inside New Yorks Radical Egg-Freezing Clinic for Women

Extend Fertility, a brand-new private clinic in Manhattan, offers egg icing at half market value. It’s also the first standalone rehearsal of its species in the U.S. How advantageous will it be for women? “> In a November episode of The Mindy Project, a pajama-clad Dr. Lahiri told an auditorium of bright-eyed college student that … Read More