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The Excellent Space Through the Alps Is the World’s Longest Rail Tunnel

Compared to the 160 million years the Alps have expended clambering out of the brutal crash of the Eurasian and African tectonic platefuls, Switzerland’s 17 -year project to blast through them doesn’t seem lengthyat all.But the achievement fits the dimensions of the the snow-capped mountains: When it opens today, theGotthard Base Tunnel will be thelongest, … Read More

Mysterious Swiss Franc Slide Shows Reach of Russia Sanctions

Mysterious Swiss Franc Slide Shows Reach of Russia Sanctions By Anooja Debnath @anoojad More storeys by Anooja Debnath Updated on Swiss money puts on daytimes chao supports other sanctuaries Investors nervous as sanctions dent Swiss refuge: Swissquote

Renowned climber Ueli Steck dies near Mount Everest

Mountaineer known as Swiss Machine had been initiatives to ascend Everest and nearby Mount Lhotse next month The renowned mountaineer Ueli Steck, known for his rapid ascendings of the Alps which gave him the name the Swiss Machine, has died in an accident in Nepal near Mount Everest. Steck, who was 40 and one of … Read More

Estelle Balet, snowboarding endorse, killed at age of 21 in avalanche

Swiss police allege snowboarder Estelle Balet has been killed in an avalanche while making a movie on the French border Swiss snowboarding champion Estelle Balet was killed in an avalanche on Tuesday after a slab of snow transgressed away during a cinema shoot in Switzerland and swept her down a narrow, bumpy slope. Police say … Read More

Jeb Corliss ” Grinding The Crack”

Multiple cam angle flying the crack. I already understand the departure was dreadful however the trip made up for it:-RRB-. Extreme Sports: Are They Worth The Risk? Extreme sports like street luging, skateboarding on rails and ramps, and snow boarding off nearly impossible jumps are hotter today than they have ever been before. The athletes … Read More

Jump4Heroes BASE Jumping The Eiger

Jump4Heroes BASE Jumping in our Phoenix az Fly Vampire 3 wing fits from the north face of the Eiger in Switzerland to elevate loan as well as understanding for The Royal British Legion and Help For Heroes. For more details please check us out online: Base Jumping: A Truly Extreme Sport BASE jumping is not … Read More