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The pitch-black person who can’t swim: why I lastly( almost) learned to swim

A lack of better access to consortia and the money to pay for lessons drives a ethnic partition in swimming ability. But after are married, I had no choice but to dive in If you just relax, youll move. Everyone floats, Monica, their teachers, adds calmly while Im flapping my terminus in sheer fright. Im … Read More

‘I cooked not to come back’: the woman who finished the world’s hardest swimming

Kim Chambers started swimming after a life-changing collision. Just a few years later, she became the first female to take on a notorious pull of shark-inhabited waters Under a pitch-black sky in August 2015, Kim Chambers boarded a craft and manager out beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. She took a support team that included her … Read More

Shaun White’s private pipe – Red Bull Project X

For more powder shredding, have a look at In 2015, Shaun White went away from the snowboard scene, burrowing in the wilds of Colorado training of what would be the most significant wintertime of his life. This is the story of his year, the personal halfpipe and one of one of the most dynamic sessions … Read More