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World Surf League to offer equal prize money to men and women

The decision comes after intense blowback to a social media post that divulged the gender pay gap among league surfers The photo told the story in unmissable large-scale block letters: a shot of two young surfers, one male and one female, both wins at a junior competitor in South africans in June, both brandishing outsize … Read More

Laird Hamilton’s age-busting 10 -point plan to supercharge your organization

Laird Hamilton noted notoriety and luck surfing “the worlds” biggest breakers. But, as he tells Tim Lewis, his daredevil streak is likely to be have led him down more dangerous routes as a young man. Plus, he discovers their own lives secrets for remaining ahead of the curve Laird Hamilton has travelled many of the … Read More

The 2020 Olympics will peculiarity skateboarding, surfing, baseball and more

Tony Hawk in action during the Bowl–ARama Bondi Beach annual skate contender at Bondi Skate Park in NSW, Australia .Image: Hugh Peterswald/ Icon Sportswire via AP images The governing body of the Olympics approved five brand-new plays for the 2020 Tournament in Tokyo on Wednesday. Skateboarding, surfing, baseball/ softball, karate and climbing will all be … Read More

Baseball and surfing among five plays are in addition to Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has approved the additive of surfing, karate, baseball/ softball, sport climbing and skateboarding to the programme for the Tokyo Games On the eve of an Olympics riven with fright over the future of the Recreation, organisers have added a further five athletics to the programme for Tokyo 2020 in the hope … Read More

10 of the best surf locatings in “the worlds”

From Mozambique to Mexico, via Cornwall, here are great residences to ride brandishes, find a bunk close to the beach and snack boozing and party after a epoch on the water Canggu, Bali A decade ago, Canggu was just a black-sand beach with one food shack, rice paddies as far as the eye could see … Read More

Surfing in Siberia: braving the icy waves in Russia’s wilderness

A small-time banding of addicts has helped the remote neighborhood of Kamchatka become a year-round mecca for surfers. The Moscow Times reports The hill overlooking Khalaktyrsky beach in Siberias Kamchatka region offers a impressive thought in winter, elongating out over snowy volcanoes and crystal-clear ocean billows crashing onto black volcanic sand. But look closer at … Read More

Surfing On And BASE Jumping Off A Zipline

If channel-surf isn’t extreme enough for you, you can go ziplining. If ziplining isn’t extreme enough for you, try BASE jumping. If even that stands “youve got to” death- try all of them together! Like “The Flying Frenchies”, who seem to be very crazy… “The recent video from this multi-talented collective considers them pate to … Read More