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The 2020 Olympics will peculiarity skateboarding, surfing, baseball and more

Tony Hawk in action during the Bowl–ARama Bondi Beach annual skate contender at Bondi Skate Park in NSW, Australia .Image: Hugh Peterswald/ Icon Sportswire via AP images The governing body of the Olympics approved five brand-new plays for the 2020 Tournament in Tokyo on Wednesday. Skateboarding, surfing, baseball/ softball, karate and climbing will all be … Read More

7 At-Home Exercises To Try When Your Gym Has The Worst Air Conditioning Ever

Nothing’s worse than when you shoot yourself up for a kickass workout brand new Lulu leggings, the perfect playlist, you even reassured yourself that you leg date and then. Your gym feels like the f* cking Sahara Desert. I’m not one of those girls that examines staggering after a exercising( and for you noblewomen who … Read More

The$ 1 Million Summer Vacation

According to a recent examine, Americans would spend an average of $43,154 on vacation if money “werent any” objectalmost exactly the same amount as the average salary nationwide. But if coin is no object, why not go whole hog? In an effort to find the real explanation of no-holds-barred indulgence, we asked seven pas insiders … Read More

The Ultimate Fourth Of July Playlist For Your Boozy Beach Rager

Even before summer decided to show up, you envisioned yourself on thebeach, drink in hand, and soaking up the summer rays. Now, it’s time to put some action to your summery dreams, and get started on those epicfestivities. Not to rush the summer months along, but as June finishes operating its track, it’s duration for … Read More

6 Non-Clichd Date Ideas For The Couple Who’s Down To Live Life On The Periphery

Theres something about summer that elicits a unrelenting appreciation of escapade in us all. Its the season weve been fiercely awaiting ever since the first day of winter began. We welcome all of the sunny suffers with open arms, because summer is our number one #bae. And for every couple out there who likes to … Read More

A Poem For The First Day Of Spring, 2017

This is a poem for the duck in the sea who recalled I might have some bread and clique around giddily as I watched the sunshine adjust over ocean so still it seemed fraudulent, a maudlin special effect you chortle about in a out-of-date movie. This is a poem for the girls stepping in front … Read More