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Unpacking the ‘8 0s nostalgia of the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack

Stranger Things Chances are, you’ve is aware of Netflix’s buzzy Stranger Things by now. Set in a small town in Indiana in 1983, Season 1 of the Duffer Brothers’ eight-episode prove comes off like a brilliantly nostalgic ode to the ‘8 0s, as it mergers repugnance, sci-fi and supernatural elements and affectionately gestures to movies … Read More

The ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack is getting public officials liberate

If you can no longer listen to the same song by The Clash over and over again, never dread. Well, always fear, but soon you’ll likewise be able to enjoy government officials, ghostly soundtrack, which is getting an official release. Volume 1 arrives August 12 with Publication 2 following closely behind on August 19, exactly … Read More

Stranger Things Season 2 Just Got A New Release Date And Its Earlier Than The Original

It’s time to get back to the Upside Down! just sagged the premiere time for the work of its second season, and its coming sooner than we thought. The show’s official Twitter account posted a short time ofMike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin razzing their bikes into their township of Hawkins, Indiana, underneath an eerie red-faced, … Read More