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Digital Nomads: The Uplifting Beauty Of Living And Working Anywhere You Require

Wake up, feed, get to work, come back home and sleep. Party? Yes, on the weekends. Fervour? Listening to music, umm yeah, thats it. Any lover? Yes, I had one six years back but it didnt quite work up. My insides tickle with uneasines, as I hear another person respond to these questions with eyes … Read More

Image: MASHABLE COMPOSITE As professionals, we sometimes get too caught up in climbing our way up the corporate ladder that we rarely take the time to seek opportunities on to the left or right of us. SEE ALSO: 5 Tips for Pivoting Your Career Career pivoting is certainly not for the faint-hearted, nor the weak-minded, … Read More

LimeBike heightens $12 million to roll out bike sharing without kiosks in the US

A startup announced LimeBike has raised $12 million in venture funding to oblige Chinese-style bike sharing mainstream in the U.S. Andreessen Horowitz resulted the round, to participate in IDG Ventures, DCM Ventures and other investors who declined to be named. In China, fellowships like MoBike and Ofo have raised massive amounts of risk capital and … Read More