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Adam Driver:’ Likened with the military, playing isn’t that difficult’

The Star Wars actor on leaving the Marines, filming nude vistums with Lena Dunham and get in touch with his dark side Adam Driver has a reputation for being a serious young man, which is partly a matter of attitude and partly, I suspect, to do with some aspect of his physiognomy: he has a … Read More

10 Rationale Kylo Ren From ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Is fundamentally Crushable

Spoilers for” Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ahead. Be told ! Let me start by saying: I’m not proud of this. I’ve always been the girl who likes the bad guys — prime examples being Draco Malfoy and Dr. Thredson from” American Horror Story” — but I’m not exactly a “Star Wars” fan. I intend, … Read More