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Renowned climber Ueli Steck dies near Mount Everest

Mountaineer known as Swiss Machine had been initiatives to ascend Everest and nearby Mount Lhotse next month The renowned mountaineer Ueli Steck, known for his rapid ascendings of the Alps which gave him the name the Swiss Machine, has died in an accident in Nepal near Mount Everest. Steck, who was 40 and one of … Read More

Pakistan schedules helicopter search for US climbers missing on Ogre II

Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson have been missing for a few weeks after their recent is making an effort to climb the notoriously difficult 23,000 ft peak The Pakistani military has set up a helicopter search for a duet of American climbers missing for more than a few weeks after an attempt to clambered the … Read More

Mount Everest is tightening under our heavines. Epoch to drop the barrel list | Philip Hoare

Reports of damage to the Hillary Step, the major challenge before the summit, be pointed out that we do not own awesome targets, whatever names we give them Its a scene from one of John Martins apocalyptic covers. Or a modern tragedy movie. But this isnt CGI. Everest may have begun to breakdown, as if … Read More

On ten-strike at 8,848 metres: Sherpa and the story of an Everest revolution

Jennifer Peedom set out to make a documentary about the untold character the Sherpas play in helping prosperous western climbers suppress Mount Everest, but when an avalanche reach during her hit, she pointed up with an all the more important story On 18 April 2014, a 14,000 -tonne block of ice slid down the countries … Read More

Trekking in Tajikistan’s Fann mountains, center Asia’s ‘crown jewels’

A national preciou leading tourists for more than 20 times, Brownbook follows Niyozkul Nematov up into these historic peaks Niyozkul Nematov is Tajikistans trekking leader, as one on-line travel place makes it, and something of a national treasure. Eager to share fables and legends about his beloved Fann mountains, Nematov has been leading tours for … Read More

Mount Everest climbers procured for canvas purse clean-up assignment

Recreational climbers and Sherpas asked to help remove hundreds of kilograms of offspring after sequence of deadly quakes on macrocosms highest peak The government of Nepal and Everest expedition organisers have launched a clean-up busines at 21,000 ft to remove rubbish left on “the worlds” highest pinnacle after a series of deadly avalanches. Sherpas and … Read More

Meet Yosif Stalin, small children of the USSR living in Kremlin, Virginia

A new cinema examines its own history of the first child born to African-American mothers who left the US for the Soviet Union to find a better life. RFE/ RL reports They predominantly announce me Joe, says Yosif Stalin, an octogenarian inhabitant of Kremlin, Virginia who claims to be the first child of African-American parents … Read More

Farewell to south Asia: riotous, sometimes harsh, always remarkable

As he prepares to leave Delhi, after six years of reporting for the Observer, Jason Burke reflects on three decades of stormy change, from the summits of Nepal to the teeming cities of India and Bangladesh Late at night, after sending a fib to London, I often walk around the small region of Delhi that … Read More

‘I discovered a shriek and a growl’: Dutch sightseer survives tiger onrush in Nepal

Gerard Van Laar managed to scaped the tiger by clambering a tree while his steer was injured while trying to tempt the big cat away A Dutch tourist who subsisted a tiger strike in the jungles of south-west Nepal by clambering a tree over the weekend said Monday he was lucky to be alive. Gerard … Read More

Revelations of a executioner polouse | Raghu Karnad and Grace Jajo

The Long Read: In a position murderous by decades of armed rebellion, Thounaojam Herojit became one of Indias most fatal policemen killing more than a hundred people. This year, he became something rarer still: an murderer who wanted to tell the world about his crimes When he began to kill, Thounaojam Herojit never intended to … Read More

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