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Sleeping in the sky: the glass cod in Peru’s Sacred Valley

Climbing a via ferrata up the Sacred Valley in the Peruvian Andes is only half the enjoyable on this journey. Wasting the darknes dangled 400 m above it is the real adventure Its when my indestructible stainless steel water bottle launches out of my daypack like a rocket, and crashes on the riverbed below that … Read More

Poet’s Pacific paradise: Pablo Neruda’s homes in Chile

As a brand-new movie about Pablo Neruda gets a UK release, we see two of the Pacific-facing residences where the poet found inspiration: beachside Isla Negra and the crazy port of Valparaso If we march up and down all the stairs of Valparaso well have walked all round “the worlds”. Poet Pablo Neruda was alluding … Read More

Head in the clouds in Salta, Argentina

Following in the steps of the Incas, a brand-new, high-altitude trek in Salta , north-west Argentina, tackles a road which locals hope will boost tourism in this wild and lonesome region Its a riddle, mountain guide Fernando Santamaria articulates, as we peer through an arched doorway. The whodunit is an ancient throne made from slate, … Read More

Researching for the remote: Cabo Raso, Patagonia’s coastal soul township

Holidays dont get more getaway than at Cabo Raso, Argentina, an vacated coastal village reborn as an eco-friendly recede. Plus, five more remote trip-ups to try I am in the backseat of a pickup truck that is driving down the Atlantic coast of Patagonia. The dry, grassy terrain of Argentinas Chubut province doesnt seem to … Read More