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The enticement of towering buildings: A guidebook to the risky but lucrative nature of’ rooftoppers’

The eventual selfie can bring kudos and currency to city rooftoppers When teenager Harry Gallagher clambered on to the roof of Canary Wharfs highest building his employs moved viral. Gallagher, 19, aka Nightscape, is a rooftopper, a person who has incomes access to buildings and restricted infinites to take photos of themselves, often hanging in … Read More

I Went 1,000 Tinder Matches And Lost My Faith In Humanity

In a foolish attempt to find love, I actually ended up experiencing my own slow switching into the dull, endless ether of existence. My journeybegan long ago over what could have been a year, but was more likely eons of moral attrition and it was eventually come to an end. Yet, I appear as though … Read More

Pivot to Video: Inside NBCs Social Media Strategy for the 2018 Winter Game

This year’s Olympics will be the “most live” Winter Tournament in biography. While marquee incidents like anatomy skating and snowboarding will be given a proper prime-time introduction, NBC plans to breeze the events in Pyeongchang, South Korea live across all experience zones , no stalls. Perhaps more telling, high-quality videos will be thumping your social … Read More

Global sludge fashion sparks safety threats after borax is the responsibility of incenses

Parents say prolonged revelation to cleaning commodity may have caused ignites although US authority says it is usually safe A global slime-making cult activated by social media has induced safety concerns over the use of the cleanse concoction borax. Also known as sodium borate, borax has a range of household expends including as an insecticide, … Read More

Going ‘High on Life’ territory Canadian followers in hot water for Yellowstone stunt

Four humanities face charges over images on social media depicting them exiting off trail in fragile country of park, after earlier wake-boarding incident at Bonneville Salt Flats Authorities in Yellowstone national park are recommending a group of Canadian males accused of tramping off trail and touching in a delicate hot spring to reversal themselves in, … Read More

These Iranian maidens are flouting a new principle against going bicycles

Women in Iran a withstanding a new religion fiat that vetoes them from cycling, and posting about it on social media .Image: Instagram/ masih alinejad Iran’s supreme manager, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, questioned a fatwa on dames razzing bicycles Monday, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of insolent females from doing it anyway. The religion fiat … Read More

Funny Marriage Proposal Video Shows How We Ruin Everything With Social Media

Millennials simply love one thing more than ourselves: going likes on oursocial media uprights.( Which, is various kinds of the same situation as cherishing themselves , now that I think about it .) If you, like, prevail, fortunes are, your newsfeed is currently spate with an absolute invasion of marriage engagement edicts and bridal defendant … Read More