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Intruders Have Already Targeted the Winter Olympics–and May Not Be Done

The Olympics have always been a geopolitical microcosm: beyond the athletic match-ups, they ply a vehicle for diplomacy and propaganda, and even, rarely, a proxy for crusade. It stands to reasonablenes, then, that in 2018 they’ve also become a nexus of hacker skullduggery. The Olympics uncovering next week in Pyeongchang may already be the most … Read More

The Security Savants Shielding the Winter Olympics

When the world’s attention shakes to South Korea on February 9, the eyewitness and players will be thinking about more than gold medals. The saber-rattling between the neighboring Koreas realizes for an ominous backdrop to the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, a tension that hearing the countries’ players march under the same flag and skate on … Read More

Last night, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, seven autonomous bots proved that hacking isn’t just for humans. The Paris ballroom played host to the Darpa Cyber Grand Challenge, the first hacking contest to pit bot against bot—rather than human against human. Designed by seven teams of security researchers from across academia and industry, … Read More