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New robot bee may soon be a spy’s secret weapon

The robot bee with its electrostatic adhesion pad on on the right .Image: Reprinted with allow from AAAS People fear robots are becoming too human, but, in reality, robots are becoming a little more bug-like every day. A team of Harvard University researchers substantiated this axiom when they found the solution to extending tiny robot … Read More

How Ice Skaters Shift Physic Into Astonishing Spins

Many beings don &# x27; t know too much about angular momentum–and that &# x27; s penalty. But what about chassis skaters? Whether they understand the concept of angular momentum doesn &# x27; t matter but they use it in one of the all period classic skating moves. You &# x27; ve attended it before. … Read More

A Bid to Solve Californias Housing Crisis Could Redraw How Cities Grow

Scott Wiener, the California state senator representing San Francisco, has a pretty good idea for how to save the world. In happening, sitting in a coffee shop in his city’s Financial District, Wiener seems downright perplexeds that anyone would be against it. Here’s the idea: Build more housing. So, with his fellow senator Nancy Skinner, … Read More

The Physic of One of the Craziest Big Air Snowboard Tricks Ever

Behold the stomach-clenching spectacle of the quadruplet cork 1800. The dizzying snowboarding trick–first territory by British Olympian Billy Morgan, above–involves propelling off a ramp into four off-axis flips( called corks) and five full rotates. Merely four parties had already been completed the 1,800 -degree stunt. But this month in Pyeongchang, South Korea, expect to see … Read More

Why the Earth is actually 100% flat | Dean Burnett

Dean Burnett: Rapper B.o.B. has been criticised for publicly contending the Globe is flat. You may think his claims are outlandish, but the truth is: they dont go far enough Rapper B.o.B . has caused a furore by tweeting that the Earth was indeed flat, and you only need to look at the evidence presented … Read More

Scientific secrets of ancient tablet opened after nearly a century of analyze

Dating from 1,000 years before Pythagorass theorem, the Babylonian clay tablet is a trigonometric table more precise than any today, say researchers At least 1,000 times before the Greek mathematician Pythagoras looked at a claim angled triangle and used to work that the square of the longest slope is always equal to the sum of … Read More

New haul of Homo naledi bones molts surprising light on human progression

Early human relative lived at same time as Homo sapiens and could have done stone implements, scientists suggest When fossil hunters unveiled the remaining a mysterious and archaic new species of human met deep inside a cave in South Africa two years ago, the scientific community was stunned. Since then, bodies of the long-lost own … Read More

Supermoon: world’s skywatchers strive clear skies for uncommon seeing

Natural phenomenon, largest of its species in 68 years, will be visible after sunset on Monday wherever you are in the world The largest supermoon in 68 years has risen in Europe and Africa, and astronomers in various regions of the world are keenly observing the dazing natural phenomenon. Skygazers took to high-rise houses, observatories … Read More

This robot is a better jumper than you

Salto robot( left) and its animal inspiration Image: Composite/ Stephen McNally/ Minden Pictures/ ap Researchers are looking to the natural world for inspiration that will one day used to help pattern life-saving robots. Salto is a monopedal and somewhat skeletal 10.2 -inch-tall robot that they are able jump-start higher and more rapidly than most other … Read More

Millennials could lose trillions in lifetime income because of climate change issues

The Blue Cut wildfire flames homes and trees near San Bernardino, California, Aug. 16, 2016. Image: RINGO CHIU/ AFP/ Getty Images Americans in their 20 s and 30 s risk losing trillions of dollars in potential lifetime earnings as climate change issues interrupts the global economy and weakens U.S. productivity, according to a new report … Read More

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