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Ready Player One review- Spielberg’s lustrous VR caper isn’t worth playing

Flashy adaptation of the book is full of pop culture notes and stunning visuals but a thin story and shallow characters With the help of Van Halen’s Jump, Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One launches its video game adventure narration at full speed. The year is 2045; the place is Columbus, Ohio. Our hero, Wade Watts( … Read More

Adam Driver:’ Likened with the military, playing isn’t that difficult’

The Star Wars actor on leaving the Marines, filming nude vistums with Lena Dunham and get in touch with his dark side Adam Driver has a reputation for being a serious young man, which is partly a matter of attitude and partly, I suspect, to do with some aspect of his physiognomy: he has a … Read More

Ridley Scott: ‘Is there life out there? Certainly’

From Alien to his Oscar-nominated The Martian, the administrator has been lost in space for decades. He talks about his secret briefings from Nasa and why making a blockbuster is like bloody-minded mentality surgery To be nominated for an Oscar this year is to have your advantage checked. And, accordingly, some have found mistake with … Read More