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Burned, frozen, winched, dangled and hit by a gondola: the stunning extreme prowes of Guido van der Werve

From sweeping the Baltic on sea frost to preparing his own organization ablaze, the Dutchman goes to amazing spans to cause mind-boggling artworks. And now hes thoughts for Britain When I called the artist Guido van der Werve last year to format a fit, Pauline Portrait, his studio administrator, “ve told me” he was healing … Read More

Not all rogues wear Lycra- gondolas are literally killing us | Arwa Mahdawi

Hogger joggers and mamils arent the only ones lunging us into the path of chance. Theres a bigger and more normalised culprit on our streets There is you may have noticed a certain sort of middle-class, middle-aged follower who ends hes going to burn off the anxiety of advancing age through aggressive workout. Hes going … Read More

‘Toddler twins, a asking occupation … why not take on an Ironman? ‘

I was gravely incapable when I started training for an tenacity triathlon would I make it to the finish? People talk about punching the wall: the detail where you usage so difficult, your organization can do no more. I actually wanted to touch the wall in fact, I wanted to knock it down with a … Read More

Patagonia and The North Face: saving “the worlds”- one puffer case at a time

The Long Read: The retail whales is not simply rivalling to sell outdoor gear “they il be” competitors in the competition to sell the stimulate of the wilderness to the urban masses On the night of his 30 th birthday, after a few liquors, Dean Karnazes “ve decided that” he would celebrate by moving the … Read More

Ten low-key European ultramarathon races

Always hankered to complete an ultra, but put over by the idea of jostling with crowds or having to accrue interminable items? Here are some of the more relaxed provides from Europes mountainous regions With the ballot for arguably the most famous ultramarathon in Europe, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc , now open, many athletes … Read More

Mark Zuckerberg defied himself and Facebook to a year of ranging

Image: trace zuckerberg/ facebook Mark Zuckerberg presented off ending his annual personal objection with a congratulatory Fast Company chart and some interesting videos full of WTF moments. Over the course of a year, the CEO of Facebook had crafted an at-home personal assistant that returned his lighters on and off, toasted his bread and spoke … Read More

Shaun White’s private pipe – Red Bull Project X

For more powder shredding, have a look at In 2015, Shaun White went away from the snowboard scene, burrowing in the wilds of Colorado training of what would be the most significant wintertime of his life. This is the story of his year, the personal halfpipe and one of one of the most dynamic sessions … Read More