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New robot bee may soon be a spy’s secret weapon

The robot bee with its electrostatic adhesion pad on on the right .Image: Reprinted with allow from AAAS People fear robots are becoming too human, but, in reality, robots are becoming a little more bug-like every day. A team of Harvard University researchers substantiated this axiom when they found the solution to extending tiny robot … Read More

This robot is a better jumper than you

Salto robot( left) and its animal inspiration Image: Composite/ Stephen McNally/ Minden Pictures/ ap Researchers are looking to the natural world for inspiration that will one day used to help pattern life-saving robots. Salto is a monopedal and somewhat skeletal 10.2 -inch-tall robot that they are able jump-start higher and more rapidly than most other … Read More

Teleretail improved a bringing robot to prepare on-demand logistics easy for small and medium-sized businesses

Delivery robots are seen as originalities, job-killers and a gimmicky acces for restaurants to contact nearby clients. The newest entrant in this logistics segment is a Swiss startup announced Teleretail AG. The fellowship has put a twisting on the personal give deviceits machines, still in paradigm, were designed to cover long distances, up to 50 … Read More