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While You Were Offline: Twitter Needs Leslie Jones More Than She Necessary Twitter

Everywhere you look, two topics have dominated the Internet more than any others this week: the Rio Olympics and the US election. Whether it’s Michael Phelps’ record-breaking 22 nd golden award triumph or the discovery that one of the presidential candidates actually doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “sarcasm,” we’ve invested the week talking … Read More

The real reasons for Brazil cares so much better whether Ryan Lochte lied

Lochte at an Aug. 12 Olympics press conference. Image: Matt Hazlett/ Getty Images Turns out the swimmer’s narrative doesn’t quite hold water. Brazilian officials said Thursday that stellar U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte fabricated his story about being cheated at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, inventing his tale of woe after a much different encounter with … Read More

Rio 2016 Day 7: Ledecky vanquishes competitives; Phelps ties for silver

( CNN) As much as the swimming portion of the Olympics has been about saying goodbye to the famous Michael Phelps, it has also been about innovating Katie Ledecky to non-swimming fans. The 19 -year-old American is building a legend of her own, capping her Rio Olympics with a impressive prevail in the women’s 800 … Read More