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Conflict Is Sexy: Why I’ll Merely Date Someone Who’s Everything I’m Not

I have a friend called Taylor who only dates people who are exactly, 100 percentage, to the( literal) T like Taylor. Taylor is what I like to exquisitely refer to as a “twin f* cker, necessitating he mostly dates someone who could essentially be his biological twinned sister because they are so f* cking alike. … Read More

Being Single Is F* cking Horrible, So We Require To Stop Lying To Ourselves

This will not be polite. Honestly, if I have to read one more section about how incredible it is to be single, Im going to throw up in my mouth. Thanks, but get out of here. Lets not praise a theme that obliges me want to drown my single regrets in a bottle of malt … Read More

5 Fun Things You Can Do While Your Friends Are Get Married And Having Kids

It seems as if everyone I went to high school with started popping out babes and getting married exclusively a couple times after graduation. Im not adjudicating at all, and to each his own. Its nice in a manner that is to meet what my old acquaintances wound up doing with their lives compared to … Read More