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Olympic Commentators Should Cut the Chit-Chat and Just Explain the Sport

Luge gazes silly. It gazes easy, very: lie down on a sled, let gravitation do the design, climb the pulpit. In reality, of course, luge is fascinatingly complex. And, as American Emily Sweeney’s brutal gate-crash the coming week made clear, it’s dangerous too. A good start is crucial( that’s where the gloves with little spikes … Read More

I Affection Watching Curling, and You Will Too

The first time I watched an Olympic bending match on television, I entertained a thought that is surely shared by everyone who recognizes the boast for the first time: What the inferno am I looking at? It was during the 2002 Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I tuned in to the live feed … Read More