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Ousters and ‘criminalized spaces’: the bequest of Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire

As sentencing approachings following a depot fervor that killed 36, artists on the peripheries struggle to find infinites to live and work Artists and musicians in Oakland faced a frightful assignment when they awoke on 3 December 2016: figuring out if their friends were dead or alive. The fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse party … Read More

Bell Curve author Charles Murray speaks out after speech break short by demonstrations

Author of widely discounted study of intelligence says opponents of his teach looked like they had come from casting for a cinema of brownshirt rallies The controversial author of The Bell Curve, Charles Murray, has attacked murderous complains that left one disabled and shut down his speech at an upper-class US college as straight out … Read More

The pitch-black person who can’t swim: why I lastly( almost) learned to swim

A lack of better access to consortia and the money to pay for lessons drives a ethnic partition in swimming ability. But after are married, I had no choice but to dive in If you just relax, youll move. Everyone floats, Monica, their teachers, adds calmly while Im flapping my terminus in sheer fright. Im … Read More

Buying a $500 House in Detroit: bidding on the spirit of my city

At 23 Drew Philip prevailed an auction, unknowingly stepped into their home communities, learned to look out for his neighbours and met Detroit as a reflect of America I was just finishing what was likely the final mowing of my lawn, just before the winter came. As I seemed up, I saw my neighbor was … Read More

Jagmeet Singh: pioneering party leader could be the Trudeau Canada hoped for

The first person of quality to guide a major Canadian political party has been compared to the Liberal president but contends he does not merely talk the talk Jagmeet Singh flitted between tables, swapping seamlessly between communications as he obliged photo requests. For a young father from Ethiopia, the Canadian politician had a reacting in … Read More

Barack Obama’s original sin: America’s post-racial illusion

For African Americans, Obamas presidency has been largely defined by his hesitancy to engage with discrimination and a racist criminal justice system In the first hours of the new year in 2009, merely weeks before Barack Obama was to be inaugurated as the next president, kills rang out in Oakland, California. A transit man reputation … Read More

Steve McQueen on the Oscars whitewash:’ I’m hoping we are in a position look back and say this was a watershed instant’

The only black director to acquire best video, says change has to happen now. He talks about Hollywood apartheid, being written off as a young black girl, and his friendship with Kanye West This is exactly like MTV was in the 1980 s, says Steve McQueen. Could you reckon now if MTV exclusively indicated music … Read More